Puppy Fix

There’s nothing like a good puppy fix. My last group of trained golden retriever puppies have all been found by great homes. Three of the pups stayed right here in Connecticut. One puppy is enjoying a two-home lifestyle in Chicago and Branson, MO. My last puppy, Buddy is going to arrive at his new home in New Hampshire this weekend. With things so quiet, I figured why not grab a few more puppies and cut back on what little sleep I’m getting anyway!

While delivering one of my pups to Illinois last week, a breeder friend of mine introduced me to a breeder friend of hers. To make a long story short, I drove home with two male 16 week old black golden doodles. You never know about puppies. Some are easy to housebreak, some are not. Some are easy to train, some are not. So far (fingers crossed), these guys have been great. No accidents in the crate and only minimal whining. They do happen to do one thing that I find extremely bizarre. When  playing on the other side of the yard and I yell… “Come!” They actually come running.

I sure the bloom will wear off the rose eventually, but so far, it looks like these guys are going to make great gentle companions for some lucky families. Pictures to follow.

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