Winter and Dogs

As I peer out the window I see the results of the first snowfall of the year. Our friends Mr. Snow, Ms. Ice and The Cold Family are just beginning to warm up their act here in New England. Don’t forget that winter weather not only impacts us, it impacts our four legged friends as well.

Some dogs tolerate cold well, others not so well. As the mercury drops, keep a close eye on your dog and look for any signs of cold related trouble. It’s OK to let your dog outside, just be sure and check on him or her often. If you happen to check on your canine companion and find him rigid with all four of his paws frozen to the patio, you should seriously consider checking more often.

In addition to the temperature, other winter hazards await as well. When the ice arrives, many of us start throwing salt or other chemicals on our sidewalks and driveways. Some of these products can get stuck between the pads of your dog’s feet and actually burn your dog’s feet. Think about taking your pup with you on your weekly pedicure appointment.

"Did someone mention pedicure??"

"Did someone mention pedicure??"

While your Pedicurist is checking your dog’s paws for salt and chemicals, have him or her trim any excess hair around your dog’s paws.  Snow and ice have a tendency to pack up on excessive paw hair, making it painful for your pup to prance.

If you do notice your dog limping, be sure and take a close look at the pads on the bottom of his paw. Sometimes these pads can get cut or torn when a dog runs across a sharp piece of ice. The solution here is to buy your dogs the new steel-toed Timberland Pro series boot. It sure beats the sissy little sock things those Iditarod sled dogs wear.

Enjoy the weather.  “Let’s be careful out there.”

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