Name The Mini-Goldendoodles Contest!

The doodle craze continues! Four new mini golden doodles arrived a week ago. After years of naming puppies, I’m at a loss. I’ve opened up this delicate process to all my cyber friends. Until you can come up with the names, I will continue to call them “Hey you!” No pressure people. If you are one of the chosen namers, I’ll send you one of the finest Smiling Dog hats that I have. Be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Email your names to Can you ever really have enough hats?

Here are the puppies… the top two are females, the bottom two are the males

Yeah, I know. I'm adorable.

What's my name?

Pick a good name for me. Something really tough sounding would be great!

Don't name me anything embarrassing please. It's bad enough being a doodle.

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