It’s a Love Thing

┬áIt’s a Love Thing

One of my favorite things about this job is seeing a child’s reaction when they learn that after years of nagging their parents, they are getting a puppy. When parents bring their kids to visit the puppies, they often make them take a blood oath and agree that they are only looking… but definitely not getting a puppy yet.

Dash (mini-goldendoodle) was visiting his future owners when the parents called and said they wanted to keep Dash. They told me I could tell their daughter that she could keep him. They called their daughter to the phone to talk to me. I asked her if she still liked Dash. In the sweetest voice you ever heard she said quivering, “No, I love him.” I told her, “Well, I guess if you love him I’d better let you keep him.” She screamed in disbelief (and joy). When she finally settled down I asked her if I was her favorite trainer in the world, she said with her voice still shaking, “You are now!” That just may have made my year. I love my job.

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