A Puppy Letter to Santa

A Puppy Letter to Santa


Puppy in Santa hatDear Santa,

I’ve been trying really hard to get on your nice list. I will admit that I may have been a little naughty at first — barking, whining, jumping, and potty-ing wherever my puppy heart desired. However, I have been diligently pursuing my Puppy PhD from Smiling Dog and my “bad puppy!” days are a thing of the past. I’ve mastered sleeping over night in my safe, cozy crate, doing my business outside, and showing my best behavior on-leash.

I’m a good puppy! I get told so all the time. My fur is soft and warm — just right for petting and cuddling. I will offer up my belly for a rub whenever my owners want and I will even make their hearts skip a beat with a perfectly-timed head tilt or puppy kiss. When I’m not cozying up with my people, I like to play with my toys, chase my ever-elusive tail, chow down or snooze it up.

So, Santa, whaddaya say? Will you check off my list?

Kisses and Paws!


Doggy water bottle and bowl1. H204K9 Doggy Water Bottle & Bowl
I love hiking, running, and power walking with my people, but I can get a little parched in the great outdoors. This doggy water bottle is perfect because it will keep my water cold and has a handy cover that doubles as a bowl, in just the right shape for me. It comes in a bunch of fun colors to go with all of my accessories!


24 pack tennis balls2.  Tennis Balls – 24 Pack

Ball? Ball! I love playing catch! I may not always bring the ball back (I’m still learning), but I think a bag of 24 tennis balls is waaaaay more fun than a barrel of monkeys. My people don’t like the smelly, dirty ones as much as I do, so they’ll appreciate having plenty of clean ones on hand.


chuck it ball launcher3.  Chuck-it! Ball Launcher

Wait, you mean you can throw a ball even further away? I can run for a longer time and wear myself out for a nice nap? And my person doesn’t have to touch the slobbery ball (they seem to hate that, yet, they let me kiss their faces… I’ll never understand them)? Plus, I hear that humans have a lot of fun chucking tennis balls and it makes my outside time a blast for everyone. Win-win!


4.  Fun Feeder Interactive Bowl

Fun, interactive dog feederSure, I was a little hurt to have my eating habits described as “hoover-ish,” but I guess the truth is, I eat a little fast now that I’m growing. My Vet says that isn’t the healthiest thing for me; eating slowly can prevent bloat, digestive issues, and obesity. That’s all over my head, but I do know that my regular bowl is boring. A feeder that doubles as a hunt through a maze of ridges and valleys makes meal time more fun!


5.  Kong Classic Dog ToyKong classic dog toy

Um, real talk? I love to chew things. I know I’m not allowed to touch your stuff, but it would be swell if I could have a sturdy chew toy that can also be filled with peanut butter or other food treats. I’m told Kong toys are a favorite of dog owners for their durability. I can play solo or you can bounce that thing around for unpredictable motion that will keep me entertained.


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