(Another) Puppy Snow Day

(Another) Puppy Snow Day


We can’t stop ourselves from filming our puppies in the snow. They love playing in it so much that it gives us a smile and a reason to bundle up to get some (cold) fresh air, too. Watch the adorable video below of Smiling Dog trained puppy, Little Red, having a (snow) ball after our latest storm. Then, strap on your boots and coat and head outside with your pup!


Will my pup get too cold in the snow?

If you’re going to be outside for an extended amount of time or if you like your pup to look as fashionable as you do, you may want to get him or her a cozy coat. We love the selection at Pride Bites because most are available with customization. You can select your inner and outer colors, piping color, and add your pup’s name. Even better? Use code: smilingdog at checkout to receive 20% through our pawtnership. 

Ready to get your own snow buddy?

E-mail bill@smilingdogpetservices.com to get added to the list for a trained puppy for spring. 

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