Mini Golden-Doodle Puppies!

Mini Golden Doodle Puppies!


We’ll be picking up a litter of adorable mini golden-doodle puppies next month. These sweet trained puppies will be available for you to add to your family in March/April. There are some families on the list for these guys, but there are still a few picks left. We’ll be sure to post more information and photos, but want our subscribers to get a head start on making the trained puppy decision.

Contact Bill if you are interested!


We’ll also have golden retriever puppies coming in March (ready for you in April/May) and F1-b mini golden-doodle puppies in May (ready for you in June/July). Add your name to the list now to get your pick!

Is one of these trained puppies your new best friend?

All of our trained puppies are great with kids and other animals. If you’re looking to add a new puppy to your home with minimal fuss, a trained puppy could be right for you. We can share more about their personality, training, and energy to help you make the best decision.

Contact Bill today at 203.856.2511 or to inquire about trained puppies.

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