To Train or Not to Train?

To Train or Not to Train?

When I met Puppy-created-home-disaster-comicmy wife, she didn’t love dogs. While she didn’t dislike them, she had an overall impression of puppies and dogs as being completely out of control. She assumed that if I was training puppies, my house and furniture would be covered with fur (a big drawback for her since she’s actually allergic to dogs). She expected that if she did clear the fur off of a patch of couch to sit down, she’d be swarmed by the puppies/dogs—they would jump up on her, crowd her out, and slobber in her face while we tried to watch a movie. Moreover, she figured they’d all pretty much pee and poop where they pleased, beg for food (or steal it off counters), drag her around if she tried to walk them, and torture guests and unsuspecting passersby alike. 


If You’ve Never Experienced a Trained Puppy, Your Perception Could be Off

Sound familiar? Do you or someone you know have this impression of puppies and dogs? Are you crazy enough to have gotten one despite this perception? Well, if you own a Smiling Dog or have used the full Puppy PhD program, you are among those who know that this perception is wrong. Everyone else, read on! Let me be clear, my wife was not wrong about some puppies and dogs (my wife is never wrong, of course…), she simply had never met a trained puppy or dog. She certainly didn’t know how to train a puppy. A trained puppy is a joy, a trained dog is a companion you are proud to call part of the family. A trained furry friend will not be a relationship deal-breaker! My wife is now a certified dog lover. You and yours can be, too. 

Not sure what the difference is? Check out the video below.

Having experienced trained puppies and dogs, my wife is now a certified dog lover. You and yours can be, too, by bringing a trained puppy into your home.

Ready to Have a Trained Puppy?

So, now that you know how great a trained puppy can be, why would you choose to have anything else? 

If you’d like to add your name to our list for future available trained puppies, e-mail Or, if you’ve got a fairly new puppy and want to use expert training strategies to get the dog of your dreams, check out our Puppy PhD online program

Happy training!

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