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Ongoing Training Programs

Ongoing Training Programs

When it comes to training puppies and dogs, there are three ways to do it. You can do it all by yourself, you can have some help (lessons) or you can send your pooch to a professional trainer and let him or her do most of the work (board and train).

At Smiling Dog, we offer flexible board and train programs designed specifically for the needs of you and your dog. Our standard board and train stay for an adult dog is 10 days. New puppies typically need more time.

The first thing we work on is basic obedience and leash control. Your dog is taught to: walk (heel) on a loose
leash without pulling, sit, lie down, stay and come. Once that basic foundation is in, we take the dogs out in the real world to socialize and practice their new skills.

One follow up lesson is included to make sure you are comfortable in handling your dog. For busy households that may not have the time to properly train a dog, the board and train program is the best way to get your dog under control in the shortest amount of time.

Many clients like to board and train their dogs when they are away on vacation. Every dog can benefit from some tune up training while his or her owners are away. Space is limited, especially around school vacation time, so be sure you plan ahead.

Board and Train – $175 + tax* per day ($1225 per week)


* CT sales tax is 6.35%

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