Private In-Home Dog Training


Puppies. Owning a puppy can be an exciting and fun venture. We want to make sure that the training issues that present themselves do not add to the ‘excitement.’ Our experience shows that puppies benefit most from a series of training sessions, done regularly and reinforced. This is true of all training, but even more so for your new friend. The following package options offer you flexibility in how you choose to have your puppy trained and start him or her off on the right paw.

Adult Dogs. Who said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Of course you can. It’s never too late to teach your dog manners and obedience. Our adult dog sessions are designed to teach the dog AND the owner how to achieve the desired behavior.

Basic Package … $495
Package includes three 1 hour sessions designed to train:

  • Basic control
    • Heel
    • Sit
    • Stay

Advanced Package … $775
Package includes five 1 hour sessions designed to train:

  • Skills from Basic Package
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come

Deluxe¬† Package … $1050
Package includes seven 1 hour sessions and includes:

  • Skills from Advanced Dog Package
  • Socialization (two sessions in the setting(s) of your choice)


Individual¬† Session … $175

Package Price
Avg Price per Session*
Basic $495 $165
Advanced $775 $155
Deluxe $1050 $150

*Sessions purchased after completion of a package will be capped at the average price per session.

Training Walks

For dogs that have taken one of our training packages, I also offer intensive thirty-minute training walks. A great refresher training to keep your dog’s newly learned skills sharp and intact. All dogs have the undivided attention of a professional trainer during their walk. Each learned task will be repetitively drilled into your dog. A great follow up to the initial training.

Number of Walks Package Price Avg Price per Walk
1 $75 $75
3 $195 $65
5 $275 $55


Socialization is an important element of the training process if you want to feel comfortable with your puppy or adult dog in a public setting. It exposes your pet to strangers, other dogs, traffic, acceptable car-riding behavior, environmental factors like noise and extra/unusual stimulation (joggers, ducks, exposed food, etc.). We offer individual and package options for socialization. However, pets must complete a minimum of a Basic package prior to utilizing this option. Sessions are typically 1 1/2 hours in length.

1 Session … $150

2 Sessions … $275

3 Sessions … $375

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