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“Thank you Bill for helping us through the many stages of puppy-hood. Your advice and guidance was essential – not only for a happy puppy, but for a happy household. Having you train Eli made the learning curve easy and smooth for the whole family. As a result, he is a wonderful and polite addition to our home and the neighborhood. Your approach in consistency and management of our expectations made each step a breeze. I can honestly say that having you help us through the “new” puppy stage was invaluable… and Eli agrees!”

The Devine Family
Westport, CT

“As Apollo turned a year old on May 1st, I decided that I must take a moment to thank you for all that you did for him and for my family when he was a young, strong willed Siberian Husky puppy last summer! I give all credit for the fact that Apollo has grown into a well behaved, yet fun and energetic Siberian to your calm demeanor, consistent approach and invaluable support during and after training. Apollo is my 4th, yet best trained Siberian in the last 28 years thanks to you. My confidence in your abilities is such that I am asking for your expertise and guidance as I add 12 week old sibling Siberians to the mix in my household. I am confident that your skill, passion and devotion to dog training will help the new additions become well-behaved members of my family. I would not be able to accomplish this without your help!”

B. Peyreigne
Weston, CT

“After our German Shepherd died, we started looking for another puppy and went to a fancy breeder. We got another puppy and brought it home. Bill Miller, of Smiling Dog, came over and within minutes advised me to return the dog as it was skittish and had many undesirable characteristics for a family dog. The next day I took the puppy to the veterinarian and he immediately said he didn’t like the dog and to return it immediately. Bill told me that when I was ready for another dog to let him know and he would get me a dog. A couple months passed and Bill called me up and advised me that he had found my dog. He was an eight-week-old male German Shepherd puppy. Bill is an expert at picking out the right dog to fit a family or any situation. Although it was tragic to lose our first dog, this new dog ‘Rookie’ is so smart, so sweet, well behaved, and much more athletic than the dog I picked out on my own. We have had Rookie for 6 years now and I have never had a dog as fantastic as this one. The Evaniers thank Bill Miller of Smiling Dog from the bottom of our hearts for making our family complete. It is very important to train a dog correctly from the beginning. Smiling Dog will get you started with the right dog with the right training. You will have a dog that is happy, healthy and behaved well enough that other people will like your dog also.”

E. Evanier,
Weston, CT

“Thank you so much for the training you did with Brea and Kinny on Tuesday!  They have become a pleasure to walk again, and it’s only been two days!  Not only are they more obedient and responsive outside, they’ve also been on their best behavior in the house.”

L. MacInnis
Westport, CT

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